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Poetry lovers of the world unite [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Poetry lovers of the world unite

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Gentle Caress and Violent Fury of the Wind [Nov. 1st, 2011|11:10 pm]
Poetry lovers of the world unite

Gentle Caress and Violent Fury of the Wind
By Bethany Davis

The wind comes to me,
Like a gentle breeze,
Brushing strands of hair,
Across my cheek.

The wind comes to me,
Like a violent hurricane,
Throwing my hair,
Across my face.

The wind comes to me,
Like a gentle breeze,
A soft touch on my skin,
Stirring my need.

The wind comes to me,
Like a violent hurricane,
A strong pounding on my body,
Raising my need.

The wind comes to me,
Whether violent or gentle,
Whether soft or hard,
It satisfies me.
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Will of Nector [Nov. 1st, 2011|05:48 pm]
Poetry lovers of the world unite

Well of Nectar
By Bethany Davis

I thirst to drink from that well of nectar,
More refreshing than any drink.
Sweeter and purer, and better by far,
Than honey from any bee.
Saltier but savory, and better by far,
Than all the water in the sea.
Thicker and smoother, and better by far,
Than any milk that flows from breasts.
Far more intoxicating, taking my impulses,
Than even the strongest wine.
Like a bee or a hummingbird, I hover,
I lean in to taste.
Parting the petals, inhaling and tasting,
Sweet nectar on my tongue.
Just a small taste, then one more,
And then I am drinking deep.
Lapping and licking, drinking and swooning,
From that well of nectar.
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Shadows and Sensations: a walk in the dark [Nov. 1st, 2011|05:43 pm]
Poetry lovers of the world unite

Shadows and Sensations: a walk in the dark
By Bethany Davis

The breeze whispers gently,
On my bare arms,
On my bare legs,
On my bare skin,

The grass cool almost cold,
Soft on my bare feet,
Soft yet spiky,
Wet yet dry,
Like moss,
Or a pillow,
Shag carpet,
But softer,
Like nothing else on earth.

Darkness lit by remote lights,
Porch lights,
Neighbour lights,
Not close,
Not bright,
But showing each blade,
Each leaf,
In contrast,
Light green on dark green,
Grass dancing in the light,
Casting shadows.
Casting light,

I walk through shadows
In the night,
Summer night,

Bare arms,
Bare legs,
Bare feet,
Four steps in bliss,
Then four steps back,
Like a dream,
Lost in shadow.
Lost in sensation,
Lost in Sweet Night.
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And Tears Fall [Nov. 1st, 2011|05:37 pm]
Poetry lovers of the world unite

And Tears Fall
By Bethany Davis

Emotions high but spirits low,
Pain that's deep and sorrow strong,
What to say?  How to talk?
And tears fall.

Strength within seem way too small,
But holding on and standing talk,
How to hide it?  How to praise?
And tears fall.

My back is straight, I face the pain,
Emotions consuming but will is strong,
Can I make it?  Can I live?
And tears fall.

Life goes on and pain it fades,
Another challenge, another day,
What is memory?  What is thought?
And tears fall.
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Second Skin [Nov. 1st, 2011|05:09 pm]
Poetry lovers of the world unite

Second Skin
By Bethany Davis

The fuzzy purple blanket under me,
Like fur caressing my skin,
So soft, so sensual, like a soft massage.

Soft black fuzzy pillow under my head,
Like a cloud, soft but supporting,
Cradling my head in its arms.

Colourful Tinkerbell blanket covering me,
Soft like velvet, rubbing my bare skin,
A cocoon containing me, to change to a butterfly.

Tight thong embracing me,
Holding that precious centre,
My well of nectar, held in a sweet embrace.

Soft cami covering my breasts, my tummy, my back,
Soft on my skin, like a hug, a firm embrace,
Containing my, constraining me, freeing me.

Tight shorts hugging my hips,
My loins, my thighs, Peacock, teal, jade,
Bright and conforming to my curves.

All the textures surrounding me, holding me,
All bring contentment, like heaven,
The textures of my second skin of sleep. 

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RAW [Sep. 11th, 2011|12:12 pm]
Poetry lovers of the world unite
The dust settled
thick on my skin
but it settled
soon was shifted
to a remote corner
of my memory
reserved for fear

Yet I sense secrets
a life I know nothing of
hidden from my sight
a world you wander in
filled with lies and disloyalty

The seeds of doubt
have grown quickly
now that the river begins
to swell and
a cold cleansing
a sharp awakening
to all of my senses
I ignored under the guise
of a dust free life

Now all is washed away
what is left, raw and exposed
is the destruction
you will leave behind
If I don't walk away
If I don't realize this is
not fear but raw reality

I, open
You, closed
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Kansas [Sep. 5th, 2011|02:05 pm]
Poetry lovers of the world unite
It's been a while since we've spoken
I still remember the depth of
your voice and the height of
your intentions which held me
in sway and at bay to come
any closer to the gated boundaries
you set up around your life
I would hold the phone
so closely to my mouth
to breathe you in, feel you
lipstick stains left behind
tell this part of the story
in a way my words cannot
You revealed only what
you wanted me to know
The open fields should have
lay bare some of your secrets
and your vegetable gardens too
but the dusty summers and frozen winters
all remain a mystery to me
So now that you think I've moved on
you continue to dig out and close in
while I, I am left to wonder

Just know this one thing for sure:
My gypsy eyes will always
look to the west, towards you
hoping to find the gate slightly ajar
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Full Circle [Sep. 3rd, 2011|01:37 pm]
Poetry lovers of the world unite
In the unstill night
there is always the lingering scent
of a day filled with honey and tar
the rise and fall of expectation
the ebb and flow of beauty
a flower still in bloom
despite the cool September air
a chattering squirrel gathering
its goods for a winter stash
a snake slithering through
the green grass and twigs
In the unstill night
there is always new life
of the nocturnal creatures
the coyote, bat and owl
eager and ready to awaken
to their Luna lit landscape
In time all find their place
on the edge of light and dark
on the edge of life and death
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Healing [Sep. 2nd, 2011|07:14 pm]
Poetry lovers of the world unite

Images of you trickle through a fogged reality
Your scent lingers still through the hall of my memory
The dresser draw treasuring the silken lace that once caressed your flesh
Is a power plant of electric pulses fueling an unreachable desire

I travel though now almost robotic
Holding on selfishly to your being
My arms in an empty embrace ,searching
Within my heart ,you are the flame warming my soul

Lost without guide through an unwanted journey
Aimlessly wondering without conscientiousness
Time, the doctor to all wounds, seems almost stagnant
Healing ........
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Frosted window pane [Aug. 3rd, 2011|07:11 pm]
Poetry lovers of the world unite

A frosted glaze covers the windows from within
The numbing breeze circles between the walls
Glowing centered, a flicker of light dances
Adding a sense of warmth to the frosted room

Closed doors and mirrored walls surround the dancing glow
Bouncing it's image while magnifying it's radiance
The dancing glow fills the otherwise emptiness left behind
A hollowness of dreams no longer able to dream.

The room is now locked and will remain as set
The mirrors hold with them the life that was
The flickering glow is in my heart saving it's decay
The frost is the coldness of life with out you
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